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The Quiet Woman, Earl Sterndale

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The pub sign on The Quiet Woman, carries the immortal adage “Soft Words Turneth Away Wrath” which is below the picture of a headless woman. The story goes that a former pub landlord’s wife, known as “Chattering Charteris” nagged so much that she even started ranting in her sleep. At last her husband could stand it no more and cut off her head. The approving villagers even had a “whip round” to pay for the headstone.

Over 400 years old, the pub is a magnificent unspoilt rural inn. It retains its original beams, there is an open fireplace and you are likely to see notices on the wall advertising eggs, hay and silage and the like. One notice of different type warns “The fire is for the comfort of all patrons, not just the few who think the rest need protecting from the heat”. 

The pub offers good pork pies, a family room with pool, skittles and darts; picnic-sets out in front along with budgies, hens, ducks and donkeys

The Quiet Woman has won several awards and been mentioned every year, but one since 1976 in the Good Beer Guide. Headless Ale, brewed in Leek, Staffordshire is now available.

Leading from the pub are superb hikes across nearby Dove Valley towards Longnor and Hollinsclough & Chrome Hill – as mentioned in The Guardian.

'This historic pub in the Peak District national park will not suit everyone (dogs are not allowed and there is no food to speak of), but it’s an unspoilt village local – essentially one room – with character to spare. The fire in this wood-beamed parlour bar will offer sweet relief to those walking from Longnor to Hollinsclough (around eight miles) or those dipping into shorter, circular sections of that route from Earl Sterndale. Swerve the resident beers in favour of guest ales from the local Wincle Beer Company.'

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There is a small campsite next door with a caravan for hire.

During the Second World War Earl Sterndale church was hit by a bomb leading the villages to create - The Sterndale Blitz

They bombed our church them Germans did

In nineteen forty one

And left it there without a lid

Exposed to wind and sun


And when at last the war was o’er

And Hitler was the loser

We knelt, praying as of yore

Thanked God they missed the boozer

Opening Times

Mon-Fri : 12-3, 7-11

Sat : 4-11

Sun : 5-11

Address : Earl Sterndale



Telephone : 0129883211

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